Magnificent Maya

My wife CJ and I went to see Dr. Maya Angelou last night in what is apparently to be her only West Coast appearance of the year. She was in Santa Cruz, about an hour north of our Monterey home.

She was magnificent. Not only is she one of the most eloquent and lucid speakers I've ever heard, her story-telling ability is unmatched in today's American society. She wove a collection of delightful, humorous, insightful anecdotes from her nearly 83 years on Planet Earth, around the theme of "rainbows in the clouds." By that phrase she meant personalities and voices of those who are sources of inspiration, guidance, help and compassion in the worst of times. Her tapestry was so softly and elegantly woven that you were only vaguely aware of it until near the end when she brought it to a symphonic crescendo.

What a treasure she is. I'm going to spend some time this weekend reading her poetry and watching YouTube videos of her. 

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