Military Offers Pathetic Excuse for Not Deposing Gitmo Officers

The United States military has asked a Federal judge to deny a petitioner’s demand that three former senior officers at Guantanamo be excused from sitting for depositions in D.C. because:

“should not be compelled to leave their active posts for depositions,” because “Military discipline and morale surely would be eroded by the spectacle of high-ranking military officials being haled into our own courts to defend against our enemies’ legal challenges, which might leave subordinate personnel questioning the authority by which they are being commanded and further encumber the military’s ability to act decisively.”

Huh? You have got to be kidding me! How in hell could subordinates question the authority by which they are being commanded because their boss has to fulfill his Constitutionally mandated legal obligation to testify at a hearing? Are these idiots claiming that to expect military commanders to travel to D.C. (or anywhere else) to be deposed somehow brings into question their authority? In what universe?

Furthermore, if their commanders have done something in their tours at Gitmo to warrant a question about their authority, isn’t discovering that a good side effect?


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