My New Book, “So You Want to be a Writer?”, Makes its Debut!

title_pageI have today published my first new eBook in some time, So You Want to Be a Writer?: Insights and Practical Tips from a 60-Book Author through LeanPub. The book — an in-progress publication — offers nine juicy tips and insights into the practical world of writing. And here’s the kicker: every few days or weeks, I’ll add new tips and insights. But if you buy the first version of the book, you lock in the 99-cent price forever! Even if I increase the price as the number of tips goes up over the years, you’ll never have to buy an upgrade for the book. Ever.

Just to make it even easier for you, I’ve also made it possible for you to get this book absolutely free. So if you’re broke or you don’t trust me enough to give me 99 cents for a book you haven’t read, you can simply opt to get the book free on the BUY page! My feelings won’t be hurt, honest. I’m interested in getting this book into as many writers and potential writers hands as possible. (By the way, I also don’t impose an upper limit on what you can decide the book is or will be worth. Already in the first day of sales, I’ve had two orders placed for between $4 and $6. I never expected that, but it’s a nice surprise.)

So how do you get the book? Go to this link and follow the simple BUY directions there. At one point you have a chance to share your email address with me; I’d appreciate it if you’d do so but I’ll understand if you choose not to.

If you like my book, please feel free to send me a note (email address links in the book) and if you really like it, maybe you’d see your way clear to recommend it to friends, post a blog entry about it, mention it in forums, and otherwise help me get the word out. I’d really appreciate it!

This book has also launched ShaferBooks, a new venture dedicated to publishing my own eBooks (and perhaps those of a few friends) on a wide variety of topics in coming weeks and months. Already in the queue and ready for release in coming weeks:

You can click on either of the links above and sign up to be notified when any or all of those books are published and available for purchase. The third title will be available for pre-release soon as well.

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