My New Google Docs Book Has Been Published!

Today, I announced the publication of my new book, Use Google Docs Like A Pro. It’s available

title_pageThe book, the second in my new series of Shafer Book releases using the lean publishing model, begins by assuming you already know basically how to use Google Docs, which is, after all, just another word processor on one level. It focuses on things that are different or perhaps not obvious about the app instead.

These items include import/export from numerous supported formats, generation of Tables of Contents, footnotes and URLs, and other such niceties.

In its first release the book is about 60% complete; as I finish additional chapters, I’ll be raising the price. But if you buy the book now at the special recommended price of just $2.99, you’ll get all future upgrades for free. In fact, even if you choose to pay less (you can buy it for as little as 99 cents if you want right now), you’ll still get all future upgrades without spending another dime.

More details on the book’s landing page; check out the press release if you’re a media type and want a free review copy.


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