My New Pet Peeve: Videos That Play on Page Load

For some reason, there has been a significant increase recently in my experiencing webpages that load and immediately begin blasting video clips to my headset. This behavior has always annoyed me, but the huge increase in the number of such sites I’ve seen lately has become far more than merely annoying.

I’m thinking it’s time to start boycotting advertisers who engage in this disruptive, nefarious and incredibly impolite behavior. I’ve begun compiling a list of these advertisers, and when I have enough in hand, I will publish them here. One of the problems with these disruptive idiots is that they sometimes play the audio with no visible video clip where they could be silenced. The page loads, noise starts offending my ears, and there’s no obvious place to turn that sound off of other than muting my headset.

This crap has got to stop!

Who’s with me?

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