My Prediction: Obama by 3% in Popular Vote, 303-235 in Electoral College

I’ve never done this before but it felt right this year to make a specific prediction of the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election being held today.

As I see it, President Obama wins re-election fairly handily, though not quite by the semi-landslide margins of 2008. Specifically, I see him winning the popular vote 51% to 48%. In the Electoral College, I think he’ll pick up Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Colorado and Nevada while losing Florida and North Carolina. That combined with the likely locked-in states will give him 303 electoral votes, leaving Mitt Romney with 235.

If you’re interested in my state-by-state predictions, take a look at this interactive map where you can also make your own predictions and share your result and insights like I have here.

I don’t care who you vote for, really, but do get out and vote!


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