My Spiritual Book Has Launched!


I am excited to announce that my newest spiritual book, "The Power of I AM", has been released through PathBinder Publishing and can be purchased on in printed and Kindle formats. 

In this book, I share two important spiritual teachings:

First, I discuss the critical nature of statements that begin with the words "I AM" in shaping our experience of the world around us. I explain how simply changing the way we say things to ourselves and others that describe who and what we are can dramatically alter our lives. As the book's subtitle says, it is all about "Claiming your inherent power to consciously create a life of purpose, meaning and joy."

Second, I teach you a simple but very powerful meditational technique that I have been developing and using for more than a decade and which many of my students and clients have told me has helped them begin or deepen a meditational practice. You can use this I AM technique as your entire meditation or simply as a way to open a meditation experience in a way guaranteed to bring you to deeper levels than you've experienced before, more quickly than you may believe possible.

The book's Web site contains an excerpt (one that's different from that offered at and a video trailer that explains the book's purpose and use. You can also sign up for my new free newsletter that will provide answers to your questions about meditation, the I AM principle and other spiritual matters.

You can also follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook if you want to stay in touch with developments on this book and other upcoming spiritual titles that will be released in coming months.

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