Net Neutrality = Government Takeover of Internet? Seriously?

One of the most disingenuous public petitions I’ve seen has gathered 2.4 million signatures from people allegedly opposed to Net Neutrality. Just one small problem: the petition never mentioned the term “net neutrality” or anything resembling it. Instead, the entire petition signature prompt was:

“The Internet is not broken, and does not need to be fixed. Left-wing extremists have been crying wolf for the past decade about the harm to the Internet if the federal government didn’t regulate it. Not only were they wrong, but the Internet has exploded with innovation. Do not regulate the Internet. The best way to keep it open and free is what has kept it open and free all along—no government intervention.”

This is one of the most disgusting attempts at misleading the public I’ve seen since…well…the last election in California. And the same basic people are behind it: conservatives who think any government regulation is too much government regulation. These people think that, left to their own devices, the greedy unregulated corporations who run this country will do the fair and equitable thing. We’ve been engaged in an experiment for the past 150+ years proving the folly of that opinion.

Faced with the proposal above and ignorant of what the Internet is and what FCC regulations are at stake, I might have signed it as well. But 3.7 million people who were actually aware of what they were asking for not only signed petitions, they sent individual comments to the FCC on the subject.

Let’s hope informed opinions prevail over propaganda.

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