Netflix Becoming an Internet Company: They Can Have a Bunch of My Money!

At Netflix' quarterly earnings call this week, the company made the strongest statements yet on its intent to become a largely if not purely Internet company, focusing its business on streaming video content rather than on the mail-delivery-and-return of DVDs, a business they pioneered and still heavily dominate.

I love Netflix. My only objection is that not nearly enough content is available for streaming delivery. I pore over the listings and locate stuff to watch when I'm in the mood, store it in my queue, and visit it often. If they had more content — and particularly more of the recent TV series and movies — available for streaming, I'd probably reduce or eliminate my cable company's role in my entertainment life. (I'd still keep Comcast for Internet, though.)

Why? The primary beef I have with Comcast and its cable competitors is the pre-packaged menu-options approach they take to content delivery. I want my entertainment a la carte. Not only do I not watch 99% of the channels Comcast rams down my throat, but having them around makes finding interesting content on the networks I do like much more difficult. By contrast, the Netflix locate-and-deliver user experience is absolutely first-rate and all but seamless.

I already have access to Netflix streaming over my LG Blu-Ray DVD player. If Netflix gets serious about being in this business, they'll see a huge uptick in my use of their service. And, yes, I'm willing to pay for that convenience.

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