NFL Preseason Live App is Way Cool

I downloaded the NFL Pre-Season Live iPad app and signed up for their service before tonight's San Francisco 49ers Preseason Opener. I am really, really impressed.

When I watch football games, I often use what i call "speed mode." I record the game, then watch every play but fast-forward between plays and through commercials. It's a rough experience sometimes, because I "overbutton" and have to backtrack too much of the time. Of course, even though I fast-forward through stuff, it still takes some time.

This app — which runs in my desktop browser as well — has a "condensed" game viewing mode which captures every play start to finish, no breaks, no time-outs, catches the penalties…. Perfect. It takes about 30 minutes to watch an entire NFL game. I'm going to be watching a LOT more football this year!

Great job,!

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