Nifty Niners Win Big, Show Some Flash

The San Francisco 49ers mixed things up brillliantly at the Meadowlands Sunday afternoon as they handed the New York Jets their asses and their jockstraps in a 34-0 rout. The score would have been higher but for the fact that Colin Kaepernick slid at the 4-yard-line rather than rambling into the end zone for another six as the game entered its final moments.

Putting Kaepernick into the game early and giving him the ball a few times before the result was sewn up was a neat offensive trick that I found quite tasty. It kept the Jets’ defense on their heels, which was considerably south of the parts of their anatomy on which they spent most of the afternoon. There was razzle dazzle and the expected great defense.

The only part of the game that fell down was special teams, where David Akers missed two field goal tries, both to the right. Ordinarily, a placekicker blowing two three-pointers would be a minor footnote. But when that kicker is Akers, routinely among the best in the NFL and a guy who booted an NFL-record-tying 63-yarder two weeks ago, this kind of inconsistency is enough to get my attention.

So the Niners enter a three-game homestand against, consecutively, the Bills, the Giants and the Seahawks, all standing at 2-2 at this point and all dangerous foes. It seems likely they’ll finish that home stand at no worse than 5-2 and probably 6-1.

Nice start, guys!


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