Niners Open Spring Workouts With Kaep a Big Question Mark That Shouldn’t Be

49ers logoNFL teams begin their spring workout schedules tomorrow on the same day as Major League Baseball launches the official 2016 season. This produces information overload for sports junkies.

The San Francisco 49ers enter the workout sessions with a huge question mark at quarterback, a question mark that shouldn’t be there and that bewilders almost everyone observing it. QB Colin Kaepernick, who two seasons ago was given a massive contract as he was seen by the team as their future superstar, is apparently this close to being traded to the Denver Broncos for a stinking mid-round draft pick. I was never a big fan of Kaep, but I have to say, I think the team is making a huge mistake here. Colin is tailor-made for new head coach Chip Kelly’s offensive philosophy, he has a sterling record as the QB with the lone exception of the 2015 season which was a disaster for the entire team thanks to the idiotic decision to hire lightweight Jim Tomsula as “head” coach, and he’s a victim of bad coaching and too many offensive coordinators.

As Cole Little at opines:

So why are the Niners looking to rid themselves of Kaepernick before giving him a shot under the leadership of Kelly? And why are they doing it after all of the good quarterbacks are off the free agent market? And, also, why are they doing it in a year in which the quarterback draft class is as weak as this one? Beats me.

Face it, fans. The Niners are in a rebuilding period that will probably last 2-3 seasons at least. Wouldn’t you rather have a QB with a proven track record and some locker room chops at the helm while a discarded head coach and the worst management team in the NFL wanders around bumping into walls trying to make a silk purse out of this sow’s ear?


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