Niners Ranked #6 in Early Power Rankings, Rest of West Below 20

Bleacher Report published its pre-season power rankings of the NFL teams today and while it's way too early to start predictions or bets based on such flimsy evidence, the result was unsurprising for fans and followers of the NFC West.

The Niners ranked #6 in the list but the other teams in the NFC West — the Cardinals, Seahawks, and Rams — all ranked #20 or below. In other words, the Niners are in the top 19% of the NFL, and their conference competition are all in the bottom third.

As I said, too early for predictions but I think it's probably safe to give the SF bunch a pass to the playoffs as champions of the West. It probably won't take a matchup of 2011's 13-3 record to get there, which is a good thing because I'm expecting them to go more like 11-5.

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