Niners Show Lack of Defensive Depth

The San Francisco 49ers demonstrated a real lack of depth on the defensive side of the football in yesterday's 20-9 loss to the lowly Houston Texans. The first string held its own reasonably well on both sides of the ball but when the second quarter opened with the Niners' backups on the D side, things went downhill in a hurry.

A mediocre QB, Matt Schaub, looked like a Pro Bowler as he picked apart a pass defense that seemed to mail it in. The backfield never got in synch. Based on this performance, the Niners' vaunted starting D had better not experience many injuries this year or things could get ugly.

Another disappointment for the Niners had to be the so-so performance of backup signal-caller Colin Kaepernick. He seemed completely out of synch at times, narrowly missing three interceptions that a first-string NFL defense would have rammed back down his throat. His stats (4/6 for 16 yards) were pathetic and the team seemed flat with him on the field. Josh Johnson, on the other hand, was impressive as he completed the same number of passes in the same number of attempts as Kaepernick, but for 64 productive yards. He also seemed far more poised.

The Niners were dismal in third  down efficiency, converting 23% (3/13) but Coach Jim Harbaugh took no less than three fourth-down shots and the team converted one.

I'm sure the coaches learned a lot and a considerable number of guys sealed their fates with the team by their inattentive and sloppy performances.

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