Obama Takes Significant Executive Action on Solar Just Before Big Climate March

President Obama has announced 14 separate Executive Actions and 30+ partnerships of various stripes around renewable energy in one of the biggest news days for the subject in recent memory. Some of the actions actually have immediate or near-term practical consequences; others are just symbolic. But that doesn’t mean they’re not important. Sometimes the non-verbals, the metaphoric have greater impact than the practical.

Cynics will say that he made these announcements all at once to appease his critics from the Left just in time for tomorrow’s big Climate March. I’m sure there’s a lot of that in here. But that’s OK. As someone on Daily Kos pointed out, “That means we can point to it and say ‘We made  you do that.'”

I am somewhat encouraged by these developments. In announcing the initiatives, the White House said they would:

cut carbon pollution by nearly 300 million metric tons through 2030 – equivalent to taking more than 60 million cars off the road for one year – and will save homes and businesses more than $10 billion on their energy bills.

That’s not enough but it’s not nothing either.


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