Pagelines Bites the Dust in My WordPress Evaluations

Progress Report #1

I started out quite hopeful about using Pagelines for my WP development framework/platform. After spending two hours in preliminary assessment, I’ve been forced to take it off my list because it:

  • seems overpriced compared to other solutions
  • suffers from outdated and poor documentation as far as I can tell (complaints in their user forums and my own conclusion)
  • has a Web site with at least one very significant broken link which makes it quite difficult to explore it in any depth

All of these may be erroneous conclusions and certainly most of them can be fixed easily. But in a situation where I’m evaluating several alternatives and don’t have time to test all of them in depth, I have to screen out unpromising candidates early.

I’m still waiting for a demo site to be set up for me on Ultimatum (without which I cannot really include it in my second round either), so I’m moving away from the drag-and-drop approach to the minimalist starter theme / lightweight framework category where Bones has an early lead just because of recommendations from colleagues.

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