Posterous Is So Much More Than I Thought

I had a few odd moments today to take a closer look at Posterous and I was a little stunned at some of what I found. This program, which sucked me in by being the place which would take an emailed blog post (like this one) and send it to my Twitter, FriendFeed, FaceBook and blog accounts, is starting to look like an extremely well-thought-out — dare I say, next-generation — Social Networking tool.

Here are just a few of the things it says it can do (I haven’t tested these yet but I plan to do so soon):

  • post (and host!) images, videos and sound files, including enough intelligence that if you post a link to a YouTube video, it substitutes the YouTube player tuned to that movie in its place
  •  create an iTunes-ready podcast from an mp3 file attached to your email (I’m anxious to try this one right away; I’m launching a podcast later this year) and/or drop your attached mp3 file into a Web music player right in your post
  •  allow a private, password-protected blog/site
  •  create a cool image gallery to go with a post that includes two or more photos (it also resizes images to make them suitable for Web display automatically)

They call this rich content blogging and as far as I know this is the first tool on the market that makes this process so easy. Watch for more comments in coming days and weeks.

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