Press Keeps Talking About Phantom Left Shift Among Dems. I Wish

This morning while reading yet another piece on Hillary Clinton and how she might govern if she got to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., I ran across another one of those mysterious comments that I find sprinkled all over the largely conservative media. Andrew Ross Sorkin said in the piece that, “[the] Democratic Party, in the wake of the financial crisis, appears to have shifted leftward since Mr. Clinton left office.”

Say what? Where? Where?!

I think the Democratic Party has shifted right. It’s just that the national landscape has been titled even farther to the right by the combination of dark money, GOP gerrymandering, and the Democrats’ inability to articulate a position that is anywhere near the left space occupied by many if not most self-identified Democrats in the nation.

This is a theme I read over and over again. Yet it is impossible for these common taters (spuds with no cred) to point to a single significant policy shift to the left in the past 20 years. Repeatedly faced with the opportunity to shift the agenda and the policy to the Left, Clinton and Obama both resisted, choosing instead to “compromise” positions not yet taken in favor of keeping the Democrats Lite in charge. The current situation is no different.

So let’s stop talking about the media bias to the left, can we? It’s non-existent except in the wishful thinking of commentators who have long since abandoned their own progressivism.



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