Reality Shows Are NOT News Dammit!

I was on the verge of incensed this morning by headlines in two of my primary online news sources touting the winner of the reality show "X-Factor."

In what universe is the outcome of a TV show news? I don't see headlines announcing today's Jeopardy winner (though a long-running champ did get some perhaps deserved national attention a few years ago), or who's divorcing whom on a popular soap opera or how last night's case on The Good Wife came out for the lead actress. That's because none of those is real. None of those is an actual "event". Nothing actually happened.

And the reality shows are the same. Yet, news media seem to be blinded to the truth of what they're doing — acting as touts for shows under the guise of news — to the extent that they have even spent time and energy trying to find out the outcome before it appears on the show, as if such a "news scoop" gave them some cred.

Have they NO shame? Where is Walter Cronkite when you really need him?

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