Rethinking Mitt’s “Pranks”

Yesterday, I posted a note about a well-researched story in the Washington Post recounting some disturbing behavior by Mitt Romney during his years at Cranbrook High School in suburban Detroit. I indicated that without condoning his bad conduct, I felt the dredging up of the story was irrelevant to the 2012 Presidental election which needs to be focused on so much more pressing material.

Then Romney went on the radio to completely muddy the waters and sully his reputation further by claiming, at one and the same time, that: (a) he didn't remember the incident; (b) felt bad for it happening and (c) certainly didn't know the victim of this forgotten incident was gay at the time.


Today, several of my friends pointed me to online and print commentaries which were unanimous in their conclusion that these incidents are important to the current Presidential race. As one of my favorite writers, Joan Walsh, said on, "I’m not sure what’s worse – that he remembers his cruel pranks, and he’s lying about it, or that such cruelty doesn’t stand out in his memory." Either of those is a comment on his character and therefore fair game in the election.

I sit corrected.

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  1. Chipp Walters
    May 14, 2012 at 10:46 pm

    I’m not sure Obama wanted it timed exactly as it was, but it appears Biden forced his hand by coming out earlier in the week.