Sad Tale of Melky Cabrera

The San Francisco Giants, holding to a tenuous lead in the NL West, were dealt a possible death blow by their superstar yesterday. Melky Cabrera, the top offensive performer for the Giants by far and one of the powerhouses of the National League, idiotically flushed his season — and maybe his career — down the toilet along with a bunch of testosterone needles.

As Keith Olbermann used to say, "That man is an idiot!"

Without Cabrera, my guess is the Giants fall to second or third place in the West and stay there. What a greedy, selfish man Cabrera clearly is. I'm sure he had a raft of rationalizations for his clearly illegal behavior but at the end of the day he destroys his teammates and his fans in the name of a tiny bit of additional power and strength that he probably didn't even need.

It's a sad day for the Orange and Black.

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