Safari Tops Mobile Web Browser Competition With Nearly 62% Share

According to the latest statistics from Net Applications, the Safari browser from Apple retains its top position among mobile web browsers, maintaining a 61.79% share of that market.

safarilogoSafari has led this competition from the beginning, due in large part, no doubt, to the dominance of Apple’s iPhone in the mobile marketplace. Coming in second is Google’s Android browser,  which racks up just under 22% of the market. Nobody else is really close.

Interestingly, Google Chrome, a relatively recent entry, almost doubled its share from the last study, but still limps across the finish line with 2.43% of the market.

The primary implication, of course, is that Web developers can safely target the Safari crowd, which includes several other browsers all built on the WebKit technology platform. This, in turn, presents yet another argument in favor of writing HTML5 Web sites and applications in preference to native applications, since it all but guarantees that such products will run on most if not all major smartphones and tablets.

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