Social Soda, Social Pop

I had two messages in my email today about the two largest soft-drink makers — Coke and Pepsi — using things they’ve learned from social media to increase sales in two really different ways. I grew up calling this stuff “pop” in the Midwest, but since I’ve moved West many years ago I call it “soda”. Whatever you call it, I think you’ll find these two ideas intriguing.

Pepsi created a new vending machine called the Like Machine and tested it at a recent BeyoncĂ© concert. You could get a free soda by using your smartphone or a built-in touch-screen interface to Like Pepsi. Here’s a movie / commercial about it:

Coke, rather than buying into the technology of social media, brought a new way of sharing into the world with what it calls the Social Can. This thing splits in half for easy sharing. Really? Yep. Here’s a video / commercial about it.

I find these ideas interesting as commentaries on the way social media is starting to affect social life and vice versa. The deep intertwingling Ted Nelson always talked about.

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