Spammers Penetrating gMail?

Several months ago, I switched my gMail interface to their Important Mail model. Using this approach, my incoming email is dived into three stacks: important and unread, important and read, and “Other”. It has been a real boon for me. My Important email is at a point where every day when I go to bed I have zero emails in it. I’m careful about not letting anything sit in Important and Unread; I either delete it or file it. I seldom have to open the “Other” folder any more. When I do, I find it has captured a good bit of spam in addition to a bunch of stuff that’s not really spam but that I don’t care to see.

It is a rare week when I see any spam in my Important Mail folder. Yesterday, I had two. This morning I had six.

I realize this is still a real trickle compared to what most people encounter in a day but for me it’s an unusual amount of spam. I wonder if it’s a harbinger. Have the spammers found a way to crack the gMail Important Mail settings? Is a new deluge about to begin from the scum of the earth who should all be in jail?

Stay tuned.

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