‘Stealthwear’: Aluminum Hat or Essential Privacy Tool?

In an era of ubiquitous government surveillance and drone snooping, is it a silly idea to wear clothing designed to make you invisible to such privacy intrusion?

stealthwearThat’s the question that comes up amid news that artist and design professor Adam Harvey has designed and fabricated samples of hoodies and cloaks that render their wearer essentially invisible to physical surveillance attempts. And Prof. Harvey isn’t the only one working on the concept. According to the article:

The National Institute of Informatics in Japan has developed a visor which uses light sources bordering on infrared to stop facial-recognition software from registering your features and identifying you in photographs.

Whether or not the paranoia is justified, I doubt that anyone who markets wearable technology designed to shield its wearer from unwanted electronic view will have trouble finding a market. Many years ago when I lived and worked in Silicon Valley the lore held that if you could make money selling 1,000 copies of something, you should do it because it was trivial to find that many people who would buy one of darned near anything.

This trend is one worth keeping an eye on.

If you can see it, that is.

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