Stephen Pizzo on Why We Should Stay Completely Out of the Middle East

I agree with Stephen Pizzo on this point.

Well the simple fact is that we let the metaphorical genie out of the box when we decided we could drag an entire region out of its 10th-century cocoon and into the 21st. We couldn’t. And we can’t. Only they can do that, and the process won’t be pretty to watch. All we do by interfering is further muddle matters and further confuse the issues they, and only they, must confront.

We keep thinking, in our misguided belief in American Exceptionalism, that we have all the answers, that we know what’s best for every other country politically, socially and economically. We keep believing that we can by sheer dint of military might resolve an essentially historical-political-cultural conflict.

As Pizzo says, we can’t.

This is the Islamic world’s fight. it is their problem. As we’ve learned over the years, no matter who is fighting whom, they clamor to sell us their oil, which is the only thing we ultimately desire from them.

anti-warWhile Pizzo argues that he calls “unregenerate Islam” is the sole root cause of all the issues, I am aware that there are other triggers, causes and concerns. Many Christians and other non-Muslims will be caught up in the mess they make. We should offer them strictly humanitarian aid and refuge. Israel’s interests are also at stake; we already provide them with more than enough military and economic aid. We don’t need to fight their battles for them, particularly when they never consider what’s in our best interests or in the best interest of world peace when seen from any but an Israeli perspective. That’s their right. But that also makes it their fight.

As Pizzo says at the end of his newsletter: “So, get out, stay out, stand back, watch.”

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