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My Home Office Comes Clean Thanks to My Daughter

When this day started, my office was a debris-laden place of utter chaos. I had books, papers, CDs, DVDs, printouts, miscellaneous pieces of hardware, cables, and various other flotsam and jetsam floating around on my two desktops. Not only could I not find anything, I couldn't even remember what a lot of it looked like. I had let my office "organization" completely deteriorate. Not only was I ashamed to have anyone come into my office, I was embarrassed when the only guy in there was me.

This morning, my youngest daughter Heather (blog here) appeared at my office determined to rescue me from this disorganized hideousness. Seven hours later, take a look at how incredibly clean and organized I am, thanks completely to her great work. I am amazed. My wife is amazed. My other daughters are amazed. 

Heather is a bright, creative genius who has a knack for helping people organize their "stuff" while respecting and honoring their lifestyles and work approaches. This means the changes she helps put into place are often easier to maintain than what books and professional organizers with their own systems will ever be able to provide.

Now, aren't you jealous?

Ojolie Cards, When You Want Something Really Artistic and Special

I just sent my oldest daughter Sheila a birthday card chosen from the outstanding offerings at Ojolie Cards. The artist, Frederikke Tu. is truly inspired and creative. I use these cards almost exclusively for the folks to whom I send various kinds of greetings and I get so many great comments back from them. I just felt like it was time to give them another plug.

And besides it gave me another way to say happy birthday to my daughter Sheila.

I Wrote That!?

I had a bit of a surrealistic experience this morning.

I've been experimenting with using GoToMyPC and Dropbox to give me a more-or-less seamless desktop experience between my MacBook Air in my home office and my iMac in my working office. Although there have been a few small rough patches I think I'm starting to figure out a workflow that will be usable.

This morning, I was testing moving some documents on my iMac into Dropbox over the Net using GoToMyPC. I just grabbed an arbitrary folder containing a few documents and copy-pasted them into Dropbox. I waited a few minutes, then checked dropbox on my Air and, as expected, the documents were there. But something was strange. The titles of two of the documents were foreign to me. They didn't ring any bells at all. I wondered if someone had gotten into my iMac and stored some files there or if I had somehow managed to glom onto someone else's stuff.

On closer examination, I found that those files were quite old, contained ideas for two quite fascinating books, and…ready?…I had written them. Seven years ago! Holy mackerel! I said out loud, "I wrote that?" LOL They're pretty well written, too. And strangely enough both books center on principles I still hold dear. Now if only I had more time than I had seven years ago….

In Love…With Monterey

After many days of semi-serious postings about politics, spirituality and technology, I found the time today just to bask in the joy of living in Monterey on California's unsurpassed Central Coast. I had lunch with my wife and a fellow spiritual traveler/teacher in the sunshine right on the bay. Waves crashing all around. It felt like a mini-vacation. I am so blessed to be able to live here and make a living. I can't tell you how many times I've had a phone conversation with someone I don't know (like ordering something) and they ask my city and I say "Monterey" and they say plaintively, "Oh, I want to live in Monterey."

So did I.

So I made it happen.

Joy, joy, joy!!!!