The Great Experiment Breathes a Bit More Easily Today

New York Times Columnist Timothy Egan

In a fine piece of thoughtful writing, New York Times columnist Timothy Egan today reviews the Democratic Party’s far-ranging victory Tuesday from the perspective of the Great Experiment of what he describes as “the attempt to create a big, educated, multi-racial, multi-faith democracy that is not divided by oligarchical gaps between rich and poor”. Egan says that vision gained a little measure of credibility whether viewed from the conservative or moderate-liberal perspective.

Egan points out that even though white men voted mainly for Romney, nearly all-white states like Iowa and New Hampshire went for the President. He also reminded us that the election dispelled the belief that a Mormon would not make a suitable President. (I’m still on the fence on that one, I’m a little ashamed to say.)

Reacting to Liberal criticism (of which I have sometimes been the voice) that the United States seems unable to do what the European democracies do easily, Egan says, “Anybody can form a perfect Norway, a nation of five million people. But there is no country on earth with our size, our racial diversity, our mix of religions that is close to bringing most of its citizens the rights and comforts of the modern age.” Point taken.


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