The Progressive Vacuum in American Politics

Michael Lind, writing on today, offers this concluding observation to a piece attempting to analyze why the Democrats can’t seem to win in local and Congressional elections despite clear voter support for progressive policies:

The white working class has not rejected the party of pro-working-class economic progressivism, because in today’s America no such party exists. They can’t turn down a new New Deal that nobody offers them.

Green Party USA Logo

Green Party USA Logo

socialist_party_logoHe’s right if we focus only on the two major parties. But both the Green Party and the Socialist Party USA espouse the progressive principles about which Lind writes so clearly. Many if not most of these policies draw more than 50% support in polls when they are posted as policies independent of the party proposing them or the President’s name. And yet the policies are never even seriously proposed by Washington politicians of either stripe.

I’ve been around long enough to understand the potential problems associated with a third-party movement. But I’ve also been around long enough to see that we are not going to achieve the systemic change that is needed to right the American ship of state and back it off from the brink of a corporate state collapse within the framework of the present two-party system, which is built on a crumbling and unsustainable capitalist foundation. Real, systemic change can only come now via  radical dismissal of all Powers That Be.

This won’t be a short-term solution. It will probably take more years than I have left on Planet Earth. But if we don’t start soon, it may become impossible.

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