This is Outrageous! Oklahoma “Conservatives” Impose Tax on Homeowners Who Install Solar Panels!!??

Do these people have no shame at all? Do they not recognize their own hypocrisy? Or has greed so gripped their souls that they can no longer see anything but dollar signs when they look where they used to keep their ethics?

global_climate_change_3Seems the Oklahoma legislature has decided to adopt a bill written by the most nefarious lobbying organization in the country that is designed to actively discourage homeowners in that state from attempting to do something about global climate change. The bill, prepared by ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), views such citizens as “freeloaders on the system” who must pay a fee to stay on the grid. This despite the fact that they are producing, via their sun panels, more electricity than they need and are thus enabled to sell the excess wattage back to the grid’s owners and operators.

So these people are exercising freedom of choice, independence, and the principles of capitalist free enterprise. So the Republicans want to bring that crap to an immediate halt! WTF??!!

I wonder how many other state legislatures have adopted this bill or will do so in the future?


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