Trump, Cruz Both Climate Change Panderers

Just a brief reminder today as Americans continue to contemplate an increasingly chaotic Presidential Election landscape: both of the Republican Party’s front-running candidates deny the very reality and existence of climate change and, of course, dismiss out of hand any effort to suggest humans can do anything to prevent it or to ameliorate its worst impacts. (The third candidate, by the way, former Ohio Gov. John Kasich, has wavered a good bit on the subject but his most recent flip-flop seems to indicate he thinks it may be real but doesn’t think we can or should do anything drastic to cope with it.)

Cruz, for example, told CNBC yesterday that climate change is a religion, not science, and that it can “never be disproven,” which, he says, makes it the perfect tool for a power-hungry politician. He should know.

Trump, meanwhile, “repeatedly has said he isn’t ‘a believer’ that humans have played a significant role in the Earth’s changing climate.” It’s scientific fact. You don’t “believe” or disbelieve in facts.

Electing any Republican to the White House in 2016 will drive yet another nail into the coffin of humanity’s ultimate demise. They’re just too dangerously ignorant and dogmatic to let loose on a world in serious trouble.

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