Turn Your Jeans Into a Pollution Vacuum?

It’s hard to believe this kind of story is real, but if it’s true, it could radically change the way we deal with air pollution in coming years. And none too soon.

According to this article in The WEEK, scientists have figured out a way to wash clothes and apply an invisible and odorless layer of a nanoparticle that sucks a specific type of air pollutant right ouf your surroundings. They claim that one person wearing clothes laced with this nanostuff could pull out of the air the rough equivalent of a car’s pollution for an entire day (5g of nitrogen dioxide).

They’re hoping to have this miraculous-sounding stuff on the market in two years or so. This kind of advance is one of the reasons that technophiles like me sometimes get a bit too Polyannaish when it comes to expecting technology to evolve to solve the problems earlier technologies have created.

But we can’t always be wrong. Right?


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