Unfair Attack on Romney Based on Ancient Photo

An Obama-supporting PAC has released a new anti-Romney ad that I think is hugely unfair and unnecessarily so. The ad, according to the AP, features a photo of Romney and his cohorts in the early days of Bain Capital clowning around with $20 bills in their teeth, shirts, coats and hands.

The problem is the ad uses a 25-year-old photo to make its point. Conduct that far in the past is hardly a clear indicator of present behavior or attitude. The ad feels sort of like some competitor or enemy rummaging through old Facebook photos and finding an image of his nemesis drinking a tequila shot with his arm around a topless dancer when the guy was pledging a college frat.

Not that I don't think Mitt Romney isn't fair game for charges of being an out-of-touch rich guy who understands essentially nothing about the world of working stiffs and middle class denizens. But this picture is a poor way to make that point. Things that happened that long ago, unless they are criminal, should be off limits. They cheapen those who use them to attack others.

I'm just sayin'.

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