Washington’s Offensive Team Name Can Be Dealt With Easily

The Los Angeles Times ran an editorial last week suggesting that the FCC is not the right government agency to be dealing with the widespread disgust in the nation at the Washington NFL team’s name and mascot. The op-ed piece was in reaction to a complaint filed by an activist who wants the FCC to refuse to renew the operating license of a radio station that is the flagship of the Washington team’s radio network.

Buried in the editorial was the perfect solution to this entire problem.

Some sports announcers have said they will no longer use the team name during broadcasts, and some newspapers have announced that they’ll refer to the team simply as “Washington.”

redskins_protestExactly. The media can shut this whole thing down in a matter of months simply by declining to refer to the team by its nickname. It’s hardly necessary for the media to use the team nickname — or even a contraction of it — to provide full coverage of the team and its performance. If it became common practice, the club would be forced to re-examine its entrenched position on this ludicrous issue.

I’m only a lonely blogger and I’ve probably not mentioned the Washington football team more than a handful of times in my life, so nobody really cares, but I’m going to do this as well.

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