Where Are America’s Interests Here?

A New York Times report today says that a high-ranking Obama Administration national security official has indicated that military action against ISIS is possible. “If you come against Americans, we are going to come after you,” Benjamin J. Rhodes, the deputy national security adviser, said.

anti-syria-warWhere in the world is ISIS going to “come against Americans” with the possible exception of those who have either been ordered into harm’s way by our trigger-happy President or are there in direct violation of State Department warnings not to be there? Where are America’s interests in the region? Where?

The law already requires the President to notify Congress within 60 days of starting hostilities in a foreign nation. That same law should, at the very least, be strengthened with the requirement that the President spell out, in very specific detail, what American interests are at stake. And if those interests are corporate profits rather than national security, then the corporations should be left on their own.

Too often throughout our nation’s history (see A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn) we have shed American blood to protect American greed. I don’t know if that will be Obama’s justification (real or imagined) in this case, but he’s going to have to convince me that there are legitimate American interests involved in this fight before I’ll support spending one more dime or one more soldier there.

Do you hear us, Mr. President? We are many and we are angry.

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