Will This Democratic Bet Pay Off?

The GOP have become masters of the Big Lie in recent years, and when they go for it, the Dems typically try to take the high ground. It almost never works.

This time, with the Right engaging in some of the most disgusting and revolting tactics i've seen in many decades as an American political activist, Democrats are being advised to keep revealing the lies for what they are, speaking the truth, avoiding the confrontations the Right is trying so hard to create, and generally try to win on the merits. Typically, this approach has not worked well for the Left but this time the country is in such bad shape and the GOP is appealing to such a small and shrinking minority, it just might work and carry the day on Health Care reform.

If it does, it will be a rare victory and it my be enough to set the GOP on its backside for the next couple of election terms. I think the American people are really fed up with the lunatic fringe and that's about all that's left in the Republican party activist ranks any more. And the horribly uncivil way they are disrupting Congressional town meetings during the August recesses is so despicable that even many members of the Grand Old Party are cringing and disavowing any knowledge of their actions. Couple that with the coming spate of bad news about the Bush Regime and Prince Machiavelli Cheney's back-room machintions, and you have the ingredients for the first Democratic sweep in a lot of years.

The trouble, of course, is that the American voting public have extremely short memories. If the country turns out to be anything less than perfectly run over the next 7+ years the GOP will rally with another negative campaign and perhaps the rise of some honest conservatives and the pendulum could well swing the other direction. So we have to enjoy the fruits of our victory while we can still taste them, assuming this "try to be honest" bit actually works.

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