WordPress 4.0 Should Have Been 3.10

Some time in the next few days, if all goes according to plan (not always the case with software), WordPress 4.0 will burst forth onto the Web design scene causing nary a whimper in the fabric of spacetime in the process.

wplogoYou’d think that an upgrade to a major rev level like 4.0 would mean huge changes to the functionality and/or core engine of a product used as widely as WordPress (probably approach 100 million sites on the Web by now).You’d be wrong.

This version is such a tiny incremental upgrade it is undeserving of being called 4.0; it would be far better labeled 3.10. As far as I can tell, not one significant change is taking place that WP users are likely to care much about. Here’s a page at WordPress.com that allegedly lists the most important end-user features and enhancements. I think you’ll agree there’s not much there to get your heart pumping. Here‘s another attempt to put some lipstick on the pig. I just don’t see it. Some nice improvements to be sure but enough to call it a major new rev? Nope.

One of my biggest objections to WordPress (which I use…a lot!) has been the too-frequent upgrade path. That’s one reason all the ballyooing about this one has me scratching my head.


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